9 surprising ways to make sure that your event is on-brand colors

Aug 3, 2021

If you’re an event organizer, chances are that there’s a lot of visual planning involved in your work. From deciding on the theme to making sure your entrance looks great so that you will create the best event possible. It can be challenging to know where to start sometimes. 

 Plus, you have to be meticulous about the details. And one of the details that are noticed immediately is the answer to this question: does it match our brand colors?

Seems like everybody resonates with colors that are yours. It makes all the stakeholders feel like the gathering is a success. 

The power of matching colors to brand

After decorating events in North Carolina for the last 30 years, there is something I have noticed. People actually remember and notice your colors.

When we decorated graduations of colleges, if the balloon arch was not in the specific navy blue and white of the flag of that college, then everybody felt weird to look at it. We have learned fast and hard to make sure that all the parties we decorate are showing the organization colors proudly. 

 In churches on special occasions, we often use balloon decor solutions that are carefully designed on brand colors. This sometimes means using the exact shade of peach that is used in the logo, and even to the extent of going through a few iterations with the clients until it’s perfect.

And often we noticed that there are other parts of the event that could benefit from a touch of color in the right palette. 

That’s why we’ve created the list of 9 ways to stay on brand colors in your event.

You and your team can leverage this list to make sure that everything is exactly the right colors!

The 9 ways are: 

1. Invitations – compelling your guests to attend the party

You want your invitations to match with the theme color for your event (or with the colors of your logo or organization flag), as this will give your attendees a ‘feel’ on what the gathering would look like. It also makes them feel that the event will have an amazing atmosphere that is created especially for them, making them feel a lot more excited to attend.

For starters, there are two ways where you can design your invitations that match your brand color.

  • Printed Invitations – so many options!

You can design your invitations according to your needs. There are numerous templates that you can find out there and usually, you already have a printing supplier to consult with. You can also have a graphic designer do all the hard work for you. The designs can vary; you can embellish the invitation with a touch of color that resembles your organization’s colors. Or you can design the whole thing with heavy influence, including fancy fonts and icons. It all depends on your style and budget. The important thing is, the brand colors are there from the moment people hear about the gathering. 

Additionally, I suggest designing it from the envelope up to the letter. Or if you don’t want to decorate the envelopes, then colored envelopes that match the event will do.

Pro tip: you can even design the stickers that go on the envelope for a personalized look. 

  • Email Invitations – Canva is your new best friend

The next one is using email invites that include a graphic image that is carefully crafted to suit your needs. Email invitations are one of the quickest and cheapest ways to create an invitation and you can’t go wrong with using a tool like Canva. One way to design your email invitations according to your brand color is by putting email banners in them. A simple banner with your brand color can do all sorts of magic for you, as you can use it for a while before the event, in your newsletters. Canva does have many types of templates so you can use it as a tool for all of your email invite design needs.

Create your invitation designs on Canva: https://canva.com

Look for graphic designers on Fiverr: https://www.fiverr.com/


2. Curtains – the surprising solution that started in the 2nd century

Curtains are one of the most ignored details out there. But did you know that curtains originated in England in the second century? Don’t overlook this option because it can impact your occasion’s appearance.  One thing that you could do is to get a two-color curtain that matches your brand color. And for the brand style, you can choose curtains that match the theme. 

Here are 110 curtain backdrop ideas that you can steal for your next event: https://www.pinterest.ph/vvnmhelmsgmailc/backdrop-curtain-designs/

3. Balloons – your creative go-to solution  

Indeed, this one must never be forgotten. Balloons add color and life to your events, but you shouldn’t just pick any balloons. You have to choose colors and shapes that complement the occasion carefully. There are a lot of balloon shapes and sizes – from hearts, stars to twisted balloons. Choosing the right shape and color is vital for your event. And in deciding the color, only select ones that are relevant to the brand. 1-3 balloon colors can do. I suggest keeping it to a minimum because more than that will make it not part of the occasion.

Check out different balloon decors from our website: https://carolinaballoons.com/


4. Pillows – the neglected piece that can work wonders

Well, let’s face it. Not many events use cushions, but if you do have to use them, then it’s a great piece of detail you can tweak. You can start by choosing a pillow shape that matches the event’s branding. Or, if you don’t find any pillow shape that fits, then a regular pillow shape will do. Next is you have to look for pillowcases that align with the brand’s color/s. A single color pillowcase can do as you can choose another with a different color for the other cushions. 

You might wanna take it to a whole new level by customizing your pillows from Pillow Decor. This site is amazing because you can customize your cushions according to your liking. From embroidered, flocked, to just any designs you can think of, they have it. 

Customize your pillows here: https://www.pillowdecor.com/


 5. Rugs & Carpets – what you often step can make your event amazing

What we don’t see and step on may play a crucial role in making our occasion look stunning. Decorate rugs from your doorsteps and the event’s lounge area. Of course, you have to select carpets and rugs that match the event brand. Otherwise, it would be off and unappealing to the eye. There are a variety of rugs colors and designs to choose from on Amazon.com. You need to inject a little bit of creativity to complement it to the party. As a rule of thumb, stick to simple colors and designs – be a minimalist in choosing rugs and carpets. Choosing elaborate designs can make it look ‘off’ to the party. So be careful.

Check out colored rugs and carpets on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Carpets-Rugs/s?k=Carpets+Rugs


 6.Plants – old school decoration you can add

With plants, you can place 3 to 10 plants in your venue, depending on the occasion. And you can either choose an artificial or a real one – whatever suits your taste. For matching it with the brand, just put in mind what the theme is. And the good thing is you don’t have to buy plants, you can rent them! On Plantz.us, you can choose plants that can fit the occasion. There are plenty of plants that you can choose from on the website. That said, not all of your celebrations require plants. Think of this as an optional decoration. 

Rent event plants here: https://www.plantz.us/plants-category/event-plants-catalog/


7. Eating Utensils – small objects that can add flavor

Ever gone to a party with generic meals and utensils? Most event organizers don’t consider the plates, wares, and cups used in the party. Replacing ordinary cutlery with event-specific ones will add a lot of zing to your party. You can start with colored plates. I Only suggest looking for colored plates because it can be hard to look for designed plates that look well with the brand.

There are also colored forks, spoons, and knives you can buy to complement the dishes. With cups, you can put some decorations around them to add some vibe occasion asides from choosing specific event colors. You can also simply put stickers on the cup with the occasion’s name on it! And you don’t have to scour the web because you can get customized cutlery and utensils on Etsy.

Choose your personalized cutlery here: https://www.etsy.com/market/personalized_cutlery

Choose your personalized drinking cups here: https://www.etsy.com/search?q=personalized%20cups%20for%20events


 8. Lights – your answer to making a boring party lively

Ah, yes! Lights. It can add color and vibrancy to the whole gathering. I don’t recommend you change the entire lighting because doing so can badly affect your event’s experience. What I do recommend you to do is set up lights for decoration purposes like:

  • LED uplights
  • Wall washers for stage performances
  • Laser lights
  • LED string lights
  • LED strip lights
  • Balloon lighting

Choose the lights that you think will be an excellent match for your event brand. But you have to be careful in choosing because they may make or break the gathering. 

Let the expert set up the lights for you: https://onewayeventproductions.com/


9. Guest’s Attire

Your guest can play a big part in making your get-together look stupendous! I mean, that’s why Halloween parties are called Halloween parties for a reason because people dress up in spooky costumes. And you want to do the same for your event as well. Even if it isn’t a party like Halloween, you might still require your guests to wear attires suited to the event. It can be simple as just wearing color-coded t-shirts for each of them, or it can be as elegant as wearing tailored costumes. Whichever way you want it to be, it’s your call.


With so many things to account for, it can be challenging to make every detail of your event match. That’s why we created this list of 9 ways that you and your team can ensure the best possible outcome. 

We hope this list has been helpful and you’re feeling a little more confident about the event planning process. Whether it’s your first time or tenth, we want to help make sure that everything is on-brand colors!  

Ready for your next big day? Let us take care of all the details. Give our expert event planners a call today by filling out our contact form now below!


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