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Balloon Drops & Confetti Cannons offer a unique way to mark a milestone, end an event or kick off something major in your company or at your event. With our assortment of nets and confetti cannons you can make a statement at your event whether it’s in a coliseum or in a banquet room.

If you want to celebrate New Year’s Eve, a Grand Opening, a special announcement, or the final game of a big sports tournament like the ACC Basketball tournament or Victory Lane at NASCAR then balloon drops and confetti can make that celebration even sweeter and more memorable.
One of the players for a ACC Womans Basktetball Team said it best in an interview for to a sports reporter.

“I just want to be standing under the balloons when they fall.”

Our balloon drops have celebrated with the winning team for Woman’s ACC Basketball now for nearly 20 years. It could be part of your tradition.

As for New Year’s Eve. Nothing says Midnight like a balloon drop. It’s really a tradition that is almost a must have and it fits well with that traditional Kiss and glass of champagne.

Confetti Shoots & Confetti Drops

We offer special long floating confetti that slowly falls and creates a snow of color and excitement. Nothing announces something special just happened like confetti.

Balloon Drops & Releases

Balloon Drops & Releases are just a tradition that goes back to the beginning of the balloon. Dropping a bunch of balloons at midnight or at the just right moment can be a climax for that important moment you want to create.

Visit our YouTube Page

See videos of drops and confetti (note: we’re decorators, not videographers so don’t expect to see an Oscar winner here, but you’ll get the idea)

Specialty Items

For our clients we offer many specialty and décor items along with special effect such as:

  • Exploding Balloon Wall – Once we built a wall and hid a full size school bus behind it and the wall exploded when they announced their newest and safest School Bus.
  • Plants and Fountains – We have an assortment of plants, fountains, and props that we often use to accent an area or fill in when balloons may not work as well as a tree or fern.
  • Centerpieces – We customize centerpieces for you. When you need something different in the center of your table whether it be flowers or balloons or both, we design something just for you and your special needs. Note: we really like it light up the centerpiece so that it glows – That looks incredible in a room.


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