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You all know what a balloon is but when we build something with it you may not know what we call it or what we are talking about. So, here’s a list of the basics with a brief description.

  • Balloon Drop – a net rigged to the ceiling designed for balloons to fall freely at a given signal.
  • Balloon Release – a net filled with helium balloons designed for balloons to float away at a given signal.
  • Balloon Bouquet – a set of balloons tied to a string or ribbon and clustered together in groups of 3, 5 or more.
  • Balloon Burst – a group or 4 or 6 balloons tied together and on a single ribbon.
  • Balloon Burst Arch – an arch of balloons created with balloon bursts spaced about 5ft apart.
  • Column – a column of balloon stacked either in a spiral, stacked or solid color design – generally 6 to 8ft tall but we’ve made them as tall as 30ft. It’s generally topped with either a star, a balloon burst or a large balloon.
  • Half Column – a stack about 4ft tall with a star, burst or large balloon floating above it. It’s great for filling a room or creating an entrance.
  • Column Arch – a set of balloons like a columns but long enough to create an arch over a table or an entrance or focal point.
  • Column Swag – the same as the arch but upside down and hanging from the ceiling. This is a dramatic effect in a large room.
  • Balloon Floater – a large balloon with a cluster or ribbon beneath it. Often we put a cluster below it to create a collar. It’s great for getting attention.
  • Balloon Cluster – a group of 4 balloons tied together and tied to fences, tent poles, light poles, rails, grid or anywhere that just needs a touch to jazz it up.
  • Confetti Shoot – confetti launched with a mechanical device generally under pressure from a co2 tank or electric blower
  • Confett Drop – confetti dropped from the ceiling or net

There are lot’s more but these basic definition will help you understand what we are talking about.
If not, just ask. No problem.


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