How to Throw an Eco-friendly Party and Still Have Lots of Fun in 5 Ways

Sep 10, 2021

Every time we host a party, we always throw away waste that can harm the environment. Plastic straws, balloons, leftover food – these are things that got thrown away at every party. And they contribute a huge part in polluting the planet. Plastic pollution is one of the most problematic and apparent pollutants in every party. Usage of plastic is almost present in wherever party you go to – plastic utensils, plastic confetti, plastic decors, and so much more. We need to reduce the usage of plastic in holding our parties to aid in preserving the environment. 

By now, you’ve been thinking about throwing an eco-friendly party to save Mother Earth. And you’re in luck because we’re here to help you with just that in 5 ways! Planning an eco-friendly party might sound tedious and difficult. You might think it’s hard to source organic materials to use at the party, but it doesn’t trust me. All you need is a few ideas from this blog post plus resourcefulness, and you’re good to go from here. So with the intro out of the way, let’s get started!

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1. Use biodegradable balloons

Ditch the old regular synthetic balloons with biodegradable ones! Biodegradable balloons are made from latex, and latex comes from the rubber tree. This type of balloon is safer for the environment than synthetic ones because they decompose within six months to four years. Synthetic balloons are composed of synthetic nylon with a metallic coating. These materials are non-biodegradable, making it very harmful to the environment because it only adds more litter. Not to mention they also produce toxic chemicals that can damage the soil and can affect its ability to grow crops.

Here at Carolina Balloons, we use 100% biodegradable balloons! But not only that, but we also decorate at parties using our colorful and unique balloon designs. Our balloon crafts will surely make you and your guests’ jaws drop. So don’t tire yourself out decorating balloons on your own because we’ll do that for you! We’ll decorate for you so you can focus on other important aspects of your party like inviting guests and thinking of what food to serve.

If you’re interested in adding colorful balloons decors to your eco-friendly, we’re happy to tell you that we’re ready to help you with that! Lessen the load of stress of decorating the party with balloons all by yourself. Find more about our balloon decorating service by clicking here.

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2. Invite people with digital invitations

Go digital and save paper! Help reduce cutting down on trees with digital invitations. Having digital invitations is more advantageous compared to using paper invitations as they’re convenient and cost-effective. Plus, it’s much easier to track responses and follow up too.

You don’t have to hire a designer to make the invitation for you because you can design it yourself using Canva. Canva has many invitation templates to choose from, and you can create it easily from there – no coding required.

To invite guests digitally, you can send an invitation using Facebook. You can do this by creating an event page and invite friends from there. Or you can use email to send invitations with just a click of a button.

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3. Choose biodegradable confetti

Confettis are essential to every party. I mean, what’s the reason why you shouldn’t have confetti, right? But you should reduce waste if you’re throwing an eco-friendly party.

A great way to make confetti is from scratch papers and dried leaves. You can find some scratch papers from your office, and you can collect dried leaves from your garden or across your neighborhood. You can even dry out petals from flowers that you picked from your garden to add some vibe to it. Then cut them into different shapes like hearts, circles, stars, or any other design you want. There is a Paper Shaper Puncher that you can buy on Amazon com to cut shapes for your confetti easily. And while you are at it, why don’t you invite your kids to help you out with this. This will be a fun activity for them, that’s for sure.

Add balloon drops and biodegradable confetti on your eco-friendly party with Carolina Balloons. No need to scour the web about confetti because we’re here for that. Find out more about it by clicking here.


Biodegradable paper Confetti flying in the air

4. Use biodegradable eating utensils and plates

I know there are a lot of people that don’t like washing dishes and utensils so they opt for disposable ones. But when you’re throwing an eco-friendly party, you should avoid using disposable plastic eating utensils and paper plates. So what’s the alternative to this?

Well, you can use biodegradable eating utensils and plates like bamboo utensils and plates, eco-straws made of pasta, or even edible utensils. Most of the biodegradable utensils and plates are made up of sawdust, fallen leaves, recycled paper, cornstarch, and bamboo. These are the types of utensils that degrade over time because they’re made from compostable materials – not plastic.

One of the best biodegradable utensils can be found at WoodU Disposable Wooden Cutlery and Transitions2earth Biodegradable EcoPure Forks. You can also shop online but beware of shady sellers online because they just mask the word “biodegradable” in their products and sell oxo-degradable utensils which are also harmful to the environment.

If you want to take it up a notch, you can also eat out of banana leaves for a primitive-boodle style of party. And you might also want to consider a finger-food-only type of party in that regard. But make sure to provide toothpicks for messy foods.

biodegradable bamboo spoon with red plate

5. Decorate using natural materials

We all want our party to look fancy so we opt to buy one-off party decors. But it’s not that green when throwing an eco-friendly party. Sure they look nice and easy to set up streamers and banners but they create a ton of waste and it pollutes our beloved Mother Earth!

In an eco-friendly party, you won’ get into your creative side and find alternatives for decorating the venue for the party. Choose recycled paper banners instead of customized ones with prints on it so you can use them for your next party.

Use rose petals and dried leaves to decorate your table. You can even use wooden chairs instead of plastic ones or other types of chairs. Learn how to design tissue paper flowers. You can look up on Youtube for tutorials. And best of all, use flowers and ornamental plants to decorate all areas in your event to make the vibe realistically eco-friendly or green.

If you want to consider painting your decors, use natural dyes like henna. There are lots of henna dyes in packets in grocery or party supply stores. These dyes aren’t toxic and safe for the environment.

plant decorations


Throwing an eco-friendly isn’t that hard as it seems. We just need the know-how, some creativity, and resourcefulness on how to come up with alternatives that we can use for our party. I hope these tips can help you throw an eco-friendly party to help save our dearest mother Earth. Throwing a party shouldn’t be wasteful if you think about ways on how to make it green.

Thinking of throwing an eco-friendly party? Why not decorate it with colorful and 100% biodegradable latex balloons? Let Carolina Balloons decorate for you. See our services or talk to our party planners today by filling up the form below.


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