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The biggest compliment we get from our Prom Committees is this.
“It didn’t look like a prom.”

Why? Because we can take your theme and make it elegant, fun, festive without being cheesy or promish.

You want that Prom to be memoriable, beautiful and reflect your class, your theme, and your desire for an evening to remember.

You want beautiful pictures that will last a lifetime and cause you to look back and go WOW, what a special night that was.

Some of our grandest Proms included tunnels with lights, gold fish centerpieces, dance floor canopies, an Eiffel Tower, custom themed centerpieces, Mardi Gras masks, and whatever theme you can think of.

Email me from our contact page and I’ll send you pictures from past proms. Send me your theme and colors and I may even be able to match things up for you.

You don’t want it to look like a prom. You want it to look like an elegant evening worthy of all of the effort you put into that dress or tux, that hair doo or limo, or those nails and corsages.

Some of our favorites for proms are:

  • Tunnels
  • Dance Floor Canopy
  • Custom Centerpieces
  • Masks
  • Room Columns with lights
  • Decor 4 point stars
  • Hanging columns and stars
  • and Tulled Dance Floor


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