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We are not the best videographers but these videos should capture the essense of what we can do with balloons and other decoration mediums particularly balloon drops, confetti shoots for New Year’s Eve and Tournaments and Special Event or Announcements.

You can find more on YouTube (see our link at the top) but if you need confetti and balloon drops then we have the experience and equipment.

I am amazed at how many of our clients tell us that the balloons from the last company that did a balloon drop didn’t even fall.

Our standard balloon drop is a 50ft net that will hold approx 1,400 9 inch balloons. We however use a variety of sizes. It creates a balloon drop effect that is better visually and causes the balloon drop popcorn effect. (Balloons bounced and batted around the event)
So, we consider a 50ft drop net to be about a 1,000 balloon drop, give or take.

At the Avett Brothers concert for New Year’s Eve the crowd bounced or popcorned the large balloons for about 13 minutes.

For New Year’s Eve we have rigged as many as 28 50ft nets as well as decorated the events and handled the confetti shoots.

Some of our biggest events include the NCAA Basketball and ACC Basketball Tournaments. Also, Katie Perry concerts, Avett Brothers, Billy Joel, Political Events, Lee Ioccoca and Chrylser, Olympic Events and the National Ice Skating Championships.

Give us a call or shoot us an email with your ideas and thoughts and let us put together a grand event for you.


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